About us


OVESCO is the Sussex based community energy company with a vision for a future in which 100% of our energy needs are generated locally from renewable sources.

OVESCO invests time and money to improve our current and future environment to combat climate change.

Since 2007 OVESCO has successfully developed, and now manages a range of fifteen local solar projects.

Our projects are founded on local investment, keeping money circulating locally, while achieving real carbon reductions and stable, long-term financial returns.

We develop clean, green energy projects and educate and advise the Sussex community (particularly Lewes District) on energy efficiency, reduction and clean technologies.

As a community energy company all surplus income is used for the benefit of the community.


Why We Are Here

OVESCO is developing Ouse Valley Solar Farm at Norlington Farm, north of Norlington Lane, Ringmer.

The solar farm will bring numerous benefits to the community and wider area including education and environmental benefits in terms of bringing awareness, reducing carbon emissions and promoting biodiversity.

Lewes District Council has laid out plans to reach carbon neutrality after declaring a climate emergency in 2019 when councillors unanimously backed a motion for the authority to declare a climate emergency and become carbon neutral by 2030.

Ouse Valley Solar Farm will add to local energy security, make a significant contribution to achieving the carbon reduction targets of the Lewes district, and the UK, as well as provide a long-term annual fund for the benefit of the community.


Clean and Considerate

As a community energy company we will always develop projects considerately. We will only develop solar farms on low productivity land and believe that the delivery of each project can be achieved in harmony with its surroundings.

The main benefits of generating clean, renewable energy from the Ouse Valley Solar farm:

  • The project will support the UK’s urgent need to transition to a low carbon future, producing significant amounts of renewable energy.
  • It will assist Lewes District Council to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with local, national and international targets
    Contribute towards the security of energy supply in the Lewes District through the provision of local, community led renewable energy supply.
  • A solar farm as a temporary development enables agricultural land to rest for the period of operation.
    In addition to energy production, a solar farm supports biodiversity by allowing small animals, birds, insects and wildflowers to flourish.
  • No protected landscape, heritage or ecological designations will be affected by the solar farm.
  • We anticipate that construction will be complete in approximately 4 months from commencement.
    The proposed solar farm will not require Government subsidy.
  • OVESCO is committed to using local suppliers during construction and operation where possible.
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Ouse Valley Solar Farm

Planning – Application LW/22/0254

Our Mission

OVESCO’s mission is to continue to reduce carbon emissions across the South-East and to enable Lewes and surrounding villages to become Carbon Neutral. This mission will be achieved through developing and managing local smart, efficient and responsible community-owned renewable energy projects, specialising in solar photovoltaic (PV) generators and their associated infrastructure.

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