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We are a Sussex based community energy company with a vision for a future in which 100% of our energy needs are generated locally from renewable sources.

The project

The solar farm would generate circa 17 MW, the equivalent to power in excess of 4,000 homes locally and be built over a period of circa four months. 

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Project consultation boards

Information boards from the consultation period 9th-12th November 2021 can be viewed here

I am writing as policy Director on behalf of Greenpeace UK in support of this proposed solar farm. It is vitally important in the context of climate change, sky-high fossil fuel prices that cheap renewable power is delivered to the UK. Solar power is one of those sources that can do that.

We are in a climate emergency – as I write record spring temperatures are threatening livelihoods and food production across India and Pakistan. Carbon Brief have calculated that new solar (and wind) are six times cheaper than running existing gas plant to provide our electricity. Greenpeace support this application.

Dr Doug Parr

Chief scientist, Greenpeace

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As an enthusiastic supporter of community energy schemes, I am writing in support of the proposed Ouse Valley Solar Farm. Not only should this be seen as a small but important contribution to addressing today’s Climate Emergency, but there are wider implications to be considered.

With the world’s attention focused on Ukraine, the importance of energy security has been powerfully reinforced. This is as relevant at the local level as it is nationally. A 17MW solar farm will make a significant contribution to local energy needs.

I read the summary of the proposal, and am impressed by the thought that has gone into ensuring benefits for the wider community over and above the electricity generated.

The Biodiversity Net Gain commitments are particularly important in such a beautiful part of the world, and I was impressed by ideas regarding the extension and repair of the existing hedgerows.

For schemes of this kind to succeed, with full community support, they need to be designed with maximum attention to local features and conservation concerns. That would clearly appear to be the case here.

Jonathon Porritt

CEO, Forum for the Future

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About us

Ovesco is a community interest company which has been operating since 2007 in Sussex. We create community owned renewable energy projects so our local community can become zero carbon. We have recently launched Communiheat: A project to roadmap how to take the village of Barcombe off oil on the road to Net Zero.

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